Why Do You Need Public Liability Insurance?

Do you know the importance of public liability insurance? There are polices to cover medical and legal costs of injuries and dangers which might take place in the course of running a business.

It does not matter whether you are leasing or owning a building in which you conduct your business or an event. If it gets frequented by general public, you would need to opt for public event liability insurance from a good provider.

Will any kind of special event or performance get covered under public liability insurance policy?

It will cover external performances and events where there is a scope for any normal business activities. In case you are unsure whether any event is being covered or not, make sure that you get in touch with the insurance provider for any kind of additional information or to organize any sort of additional covers. Just as how public liability protection is important, one off event insurance would ensure that you are covered for any kind of property damage or injury caused to the third party, because of products sold, manufactured or imported because of your business work.

Public Liability Insurance – What It Covers?

• As per the Trade Practices Act, the importers are considered to be the manufacturer of the commodities which they introduce in Australia. Whatever product or commodity that is imported by you, would be responsible under the law. It is vital for you to ensure that you get the right product and get your business covered.

• The property damage that is done to third parties would also be covered. If you are a component manufacturer of huge machines and if someone’s machine gets malfunctioned because of your component you would be responsible for the repairing cost.

Public Liability insurance policy: Who Comes Under Its Cover?

A Public Liability insurance policy must cover the following points:

Your business together with subsidiary companies

Your staff members would include director, principal, workforce, partner or employee while they are busy with their set of duties.
Areas where the cases for Public Liability insurance would be applicable:

• If in a studio, there is a dance performance being held, if an audience member falls or trips due to the wire coming out from the stereo, then it would be covered under the Public Liability insurance. It would though only claim for the injury if the individual approached the insurance provider due to the studio area being unsafe.

• If a student’s laptop gets damaged due to the pipe coming out of the cloak room where students generally head for practices, then they claim for such damage.

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